At DECIDATA we do work for clients in sectors such as banking, insurance, telco, retail and industry.

We are growing and we need to incorporate Data Science profiles for the development and supervision of models based on machine learning. If you are passionate about programming and you have already participated in projects of this kind, keep reading. If this interests you.

We are looking for a junior profile that will immediately join a project for a client in the insurance industry.
That is why it is so important that you have done it before. We are not asking that you have led a super project, but it is important that you know all the steps and that you have participated in the tasks of each of them.
Although you will have the support of the DECIDATA team.

This first project lasts four months, after which we will make an evaluation of the work you have done. If the work is good, and DECIDATA suits you, you would join other on-coming projects.

What will you do

You will work hand by hand with our client’s Data Science team and with the full support of the DECIDATA team in the development and monitoring of machine learning models.

The client has a newly created team of 3 full-time Data Scientists. A young team with great enthusiasm that you will join as one more.

Your day-to-day tasks will focus on:

  1. Monitor and improve models already in production: churn models, risk assessment, propensity to sell, etc.
  2. Create new ML models.
  3. Integrate them into your MLOps platform.

What we ask

● At least one year of experience in Artificial Intelligence and / or Machine Learning projects.
● You are able to work in Python. The work will be done 100% in Python so it is necessary that you master and feel comfortable working with this language.
● Be able to solve problems autonomously. This does not mean that you will be alone. You will work with other members of the client’s team and you will have the DECIDATA team behind you to help you with problems that you cannot solve on your own.
● Speaking English is essential. Although the client’s offices are in Madrid, English will be the first language within the company. You will have to coordinate with team members from other countries in English.


● Know the MLOps platforms. The client works with Domino for everything related to model version management, traceability, data extraction, etc.
● It is very important that you be proactive. The projects you will work on require being able to propose solutions to the problems that arise during the project. Because “shit happens” and we know it.
● Certain personal skills. Working remotely and with an international team makes it more necessary than ever to know how to work as a team.


● Having struggled with data cleansing processes. Although it will not be part of your day to day, knowing the processes related to data quality will be valued positively. You know, bad data bad models.
● Knowledge of the Insurance sector. If you have already worked in the sector, it is always an additional point.

Where will you do it

At DECIDATA we have absolute flexibility in terms of time and location, however, the client of this project is located in Madrid and requires us to spend 1 week at the offices for every two weeks remotely.
When you are remotely, you can work from your home or from our offices in Madrid (Tres Cantos)

If you are interesting…

Download HERE all information: